Map & Merchandise

Hot Drinks
Tea * over 40 varieties *
Hot chocolate
Mexican spiced cocoa
Chai Lattes
Caramel macchiato
Cafe mocha
Drip coffee  medium roast 
PERSONAL BREWS  fresh pressed for the ultimate cup of coffee
* we have 9 different flavors and roasts available from opening to close every day *
Italian roast * Decaffeinated * Snickerdandy * Rainforest Crunch * Chocolate Raspberry 
Hazelnut * Southern Pecan * Jamaican Me Crazy * Island Spice

Loose Leaf Teas
 42 different tea varieties 
loose leaf teas ( by the cup, by the jar or by the ounce )
Infuser pots for sale

 Iced Drinks
Old fashioned egg creams ( mix; milk and French vanilla syrup, top with seltzer & froth )   

Iced tea ( sweet or unsweetened )
Iced lattes
Italian sodas ( seltzer and any syrup )
Lemonade & Pink Lemonade  *try them frozen for the same price

Frozen Drinks
Frappes ( made with coffee, espresso or milk )
Real fruit smoothies ( dairy or juice base )

our signature drink
a super thick vanilla slushi blended with your choice of candies to form a rich sweet treat especially for hot summer days
* snickers
* heath bar
* peanut butter cups
* hot fudge
* cherries
* chocolate chips
or try one of our favorite combinations
* tropical ( pineapple chunks , coconut flakes and maraschino cherries )
* banana split ( fresh banana, hot fudge and cherries )
* turtle pie ( caramel and chocolate sauce topped with pecans )
* neapolitan ( Tri colored  -  cherry, chocolate and vanilla )
* chocolate covered cherries ( maraschino cherries combined with hot fudge )

Only between Memorial Day & Labor Day